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What Our Customers Say?

They did my rzr exhaust cover in carbonfiber it looked awesome thanks guys

What exactly are Hydrographics?
Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing or water transfer printing, is a method of applying a printed design to a three dimensional object. The automotive industry has been doing for years, that is how they make those plastic consoles look like wood grain. We can print on almost any material including plastics, metals, fiber glass and wood. If you have a question about a material click HERE.
What is your warranty?
We offer a two (2) year warranty on our material and craftsmenship.
How long is the process?
It really depends on how big the project is but generally takes at least three days. We'll give you a better estimate once we know what the project is.
Can you print custom designs?
Yes we can but this a very costly process. Typically only large corporations will find the cost worth it. But if you are interested we'll get a quote for you.